Doves for funerals, dove releases for weddings,  memorials and outdoor occasions.
White Dove Releases
Long Island,New York
  Serving  areas of Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, NY
White doves help make it more special!
Special Events...
Include a spectacular white dove
release for your wedding, memorial,
business promotions, sporting events,
graduations, birthdays, anniversaries,
Bar/Bat Mitzfahs, Christenings,
Communions or any event that has a
special meaning for you. White doves
are a great addition and will create a
truly unique, long lasting memorable
Contact Information-
E-mail Me
Phone- (631) 366-3122
Serving Eastern Nassau and areas of Suffolk County
on Long Island, New York
April Gismondi -Wedding Officiant
-Church of Ancient Ways
"I will promise you a meaningful, enjoyable,
ceremony that everyone will remember for years to come."
Macy 631-366-3122