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                                                                                                                         Woodbury Country Club

    “Dove Release” by Macy @ White Wings –A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    MACY IS AWESOME!!! She was the easiest vendor to work with. She had everything under control. If you had any qualms about this, she will put them to
    rest. Her doves are so beautiful, so well trained and extremely well behaved. She was on time and set up the love birds outside by the gazebo with the
    basket of doves next to them. After the ceremony she wheeled them right in the aisle so we could walk right over to them. When we released the first
    basket, three doves flew out to represent my son, my husband, and me. What was so cute was that one of them started to go the other way and the minister
    remarked that it was the teenage bird because they always want to do their own thing, and everybody just laughed. Then we released the other basket with
    the ten birds, which represented the love and support for us. They flew in a circle above us and then left. It was such a breathtaking and meaningful way to
    end our ceremony and left our guests speechless. I would highly recommend this to anyone. She acted as if she was just a guest, so discreet about how she
    did business. She made sure to come in to see me when she came and also right before she left. The birds made such a nice addition to the scenery and
    added that extra special touch to the whole ceremony. I can’t say enough about Macy because she kept in touch with me before the wedding and even after
    the wedding. FM me if you want contact or any other info.

                                                                                                                                Memorial Releases

    Dear Macy and family,

    On behalf of the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State - Dist 2, thank you for making today's ceremony and dedication of the Kathy Mazza Memorial
    Park so special.

    After searching through HUNDREDS of sites for doves for this ceremony , as soon as I got to your site I knew you were the one.  You were the only one I
    contacted.  I think back at how odd it must have been for you to get a call from a total stranger with a sad story.

    You were so wonderful to say yes to the donation !  Your kindness, compassion and  generosity made a beautiful day into a memorably touching one !  
    EVERYONE was talking about Macy and the birds !  They brought such comfort and joy to EVERYONE  who was there.

    I was speaking to a Port Authority widow, she lost her husband on 911.  She said the birds were so beautiful , and as they circled , she felt that it
    symbolized that her husband was always with her, looking down from heaven over her, always.   

    I'm happy that you got some good publicity, it's nothing in comparison to what you gave so generously.

    I know I mentioned to you that I had doves released at my wedding.  I  didn't mention to you that  Mayor ( at the time ) Rudy Guiliani performed my
    ceremony.  He is out of the country right now ( Ireland ).  As soon as he returns I will call him and tell him what you did, I will keep trying to spread the
    word about your business. You deserve every success that it may bring !

    Thank you to you and your husband , what you did today will remain in everyone's hearts
    and minds forever !

    Most Sincerely

    Nadia Murphy
    Civic Beautification and Development Chairman
    District 2
    Federated Garden Clubs of New York State


    Hi Macy,                                                                                                                                                                                           Memorial Release                                               

    I must start off saying what a lovely service you have provided to my family!!  I was going to stick around to say goodbye to you, but was so
    overwhelmed by the reaction of the family members after the doves were released, that I left right after.  I just wanted to thank you
    so much.  The doves meant a lot to the family and they were so pleased and surprised also because a lot of them didn’t
    know that was going to happen.  I must say you and the doves were the talk of the town, lol  

    Your professionalism, punctuality and beautiful doves were greatly appreciated.  I have given your number to plenty of people,
    and we hope to do business with you in the future.

    Thank you again Macy!!!!!!  
    Dear Macy,

    Thank you for the special touch a “dove release” added to the memorial service on Saturday, for Marie Keyes.  I know that she was watching.  She would have
    been extremely proud to have called me her “student”.  As for the weather -- I could not have asked for a better day. My tribute to Marie was so well received by
    the audience.  I was truly touched by the comments from all those who approached me afterwards – they were not only were the moved by my personal tribute
    to Marie -- but also commented that the dove release was “extraordinary”!  It truly was something that people will remember -- that what makes what you do so

    My sincere best wishes to you.  I hope that you will continue to bring such warm and special memories with dove releases for many years to come!

    Doreen                             PS – Please feel free to post my comments!
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I was amazed at the professionalism and the willingness of your staff to help in aspects that didn't even pertain to them. The doves were astonishing and the
bride was very surprised. Thanks a million and I will recommend you to all of my acquaintances.

I don’t believe through all of this I ever even got the chance to THANK YOU!  While you may not have known it the release of the single dove  in
remembrance of Henry’s mother brought a tear to both of our eyes (and probably a few of the guests) but amazingly the way it was handled
with the two thereafter released representing our marriage and in finality the representation of all of our friends whose lives are intertwined with
ours created such an incredible touch.  I still have people asking me above the doves.  Everyone has the same amazement with the ability to
return home!  The ceremony was incredible!  I can’t say thank you enough….I wish you the best of luck!  Should you ever require a reference,
please feel free to call us… and once again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING IN OUR DAY!

Claudia and Henry
Dear Macy,                                                                                                     
Thank you so much for making our wedding day so perfect. The doves were absolutely amazing! Thank you for helping us on such short notice. We really
appreciate all your hard work and highly recommend you to everyone! Thank you!
Cristina & Steven
Hi Macy
I just wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful experience my husband and I can't thank you enough we loved  the release and our guest at the
wedding have not stop talking about the doves. I cried my heart out all that  morning because of the rain and prayed to god if you only knew I was so afraid      
things wouldn't work out but they did so again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maybe we will see you in another 10 years to renew our vows again
god only knows right? Best of Luck in life you are a wonderful and beautiful person and I wish you all the best THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Wedding vow renewal was Oct22nd at the Swan Club
Tonya & Dominick
Dear Macy,                                                                                                                                                       Wedding  Anniversary Party
As you know it meant the world to me to give my parents a party that they will never forget.  I have tossed and turned with options of that
special something I could add to there party and one night it came to me DOVES. I have to have DOVES.  When I went online to see
what they offered for this, I saw your sight which I loved. After speaking with you my certainty became even more profound.  The day
came and you came with these most gorgeous birds I have ever seen.  When it came time to release the birds at the party, the people
were in total amazement what they saw.  They then at that moment released the symbolic meaning of what Doves behold.  Here we are a
week after the party and I am still receiving calls about the Doves.  My parents said that other then there family , the Doves were the
most beautiful creatures they have ever seen.  With all of our hearts and souls Macy, we thank you and your precious Doves.  You have
all touched a part of us in a way that is so great that we can't even describe it to its full capacity and what we can speak of we do it with
tears of happiness, love and gratefulness.  Thank you and your Doves, for making the difference. We will always remember and never
forget ,  that at those moments, we were all touched by angels.  Thank you.  
Sharon Pitre-Gobbi and family
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Dear Macy,                                                                                   

I am now settling down from all of the wonderfulness of the day.....It was such a pleasure to meet you and excuse my poor manners on
not thanking you immediately for the doves///they were beautiful..... thank you for making our wedding day special for such a wonderful
wedding day.

I want to thank you personally for all the wonderfulness and the doves.
I will highly recommend you to everyone.
I love the doves...

Thank you, thank you...
Hi Macy!

We were all just THRILLED with the dove release! It added heart-warming symbolism and beauty that was enjoyed by all of our guests. Many
had never experienced this before, and based upon the positive feedback we received, were pleasantly surprised. Even some of the staff at the
Beach Club commented that most ceremonies performed there tend to be predictable and even a bit boring.

We were also very happy with your level of professionalism. Thank you again for being a part of our daughter's special day.

Stella & Peter


Thank you so much!  The doves were a beautiful touch..my family loved it.  Thank you for your patience and being there with me on my special
day.  You have been so kind.  I will forever pass on the good word.

Mrs.. Teiner:)