Wedding doves enhance your special day...
White  doves! Releases for weddings...
Include our wedding doves on your special day!
Let your wedding be the one that everyone
remembers and talks about for years to come!
What one thing do you remember from the last wedding you attended? Including a
white dove release will add something special and be a completely unique
experience everyone remembers. Our graceful pure white birds soaring up and
circling overhead will surprise and awe your guests with their unexpected beauty.

White Doves can represent eternal life, love, happiness and unity. They signify the
celebration of the beginning of your new marriage together. This is a unique way to
express that special love and joy you are feeling on your wedding day.

Choose from an option below or we will
custom coordinate an event just for you.
Option 1:
As the bridal couple exit the ceremony or church they release a pair of pure white
wedding doves from a beautifully decorated basket. As they are soaring up into
the sky a second basket with a flock of snow- white doves is immediately released
to join them. Your family and friends will be awed by the beauty of the birds as they
soar up and circle overhead. It is a very unique way to conclude your ceremony.

Option 2:
The wedding couple may release a beautiful pair of pure white doves at the
conclusion of their ceremony to signify their new life as husband and wife.

Option 3:
A flock of birds are released from a large, beautifully decorated heart shaped
basket as a symbol of joy, celebration and support from your family and friends.

Include a Special Tribute:
Honor and remember loved ones that are with you in Spirit on your very special
day by including the release of a single dove. This Spirit dove would be released
first, then immediately be followed by the release of either of the options listed
above. This is a beautifully touching, uplifting and symbolic addition, yet ends on a
joyous note with the release of the celebration wedding doves.
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